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Eyeglass Material


Acetate is the popular choice in recent years of eyeglasses frames, which advocated by many fashion brands such as Gucci, Prada, etc. Prior to acetate, celluloid as the earliest polyurethane material, is easily molded and shaped, while highly flammable, difficult and expensive to produce. Because of its individual handcrafted, it is becoming more and more well known. Oliver people, Dita, Tarts and Tana-gokoro eyewear do produce frames with celluloid and many other makers.

Acetate, also called the plate has good penetrability, glossiness and anti-ultraviolet. Furthermore, acetate has no sticky smell and it is easy to create various combinations by multi-level stacking, which create plenty of gorgeous effects - the natural vein, such like wood grain and tortoise-shelled turtle and so on. Mazzucchelli from Italy, as the most famous supplier of acetate, with more than 160 years of professional experience, is the certified supplier of Alain Mikli, Gotti, DITA, Mykita, Frost and other high-class brands.

The above brands are highly prized and priced because of their international reputation. In recent years, many niche brands sprung up. MYTH OPTICAL, the Greek glasses brand, has been recognized, and favored in recent years due to its moderate price and personalized design. MYTH, co-founded by a group of fanatic designers, means "Mysterious Thoughts", which reinvented eyewear by transcending its conventions, creating a modest luxury with product ranging from bold character frames to new shades. The glasses are made by the factory with over 20 years in optics at the highest levels of manufacturing, which has already obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification. The finished products have passed the European Union ISO (EN) 12870, and the eyeglasses made of acetate are all done by hand by our most experienced craftsman for new interpretations of timeless shapes.

 Myth Optical excels using the innovating acetates in a variety of colors. One of the most popular eyeglasses with blue and black tortoise combination, and are contoured with German metal temples. The vintage round frames are polished, and the ultralight lenses with humanized nose pads provide additional comfort. MYTH will collaborate with Mazzucchelli, for new frame material, and create more shades.

We have confidence that the metal glasses will lead the trend, so we are planning to develop more metal glasses styles. MYTH uses the ultra-thin stainless steel for aviator frames instead of the metal for special texture, which provides more choices to fit your personal taste.


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