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"Become what you really are"

MYTH, a fashion eyewear brand from Greece. MYTH embeds the artistic sense of Greek mythologies and mysterious elements into eyewear, and integrates them with new fashion concept, and recreate an unique style to define modern Greek fashion.
Once you wear Myth glasses, you can become whoever you want.

Inspired and handcrafted from Greece
Where fashion and craftsmanship co-exist.
Our product is the essence of inspiration and aspiration.
Driving a unprecedented sensation in eyewear.

MYTH in Worldwide

MYTH has become an emerging power of the fashion world with its unique design philosophy, and pursuits the best balance between style and comfort through top materials. MYTH is available in more than 20 countries and regions.

Program and Activity

MYTH has participated in many professional eyewear exhibitions, such as Silmo, Mido and IOFT, besides that, MYTH has also become a new favorite in many fashion shows, such as Tranoi, Ciff and White.