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How to Clean Eyeglasses Correctly

We take off a pair of glasses that are dirty, always wipe them against whatever clothing we’re wearing, and then the glasses are all smudgy. Even cleaning the sands, or small particles on your lenses by the incorrectly way could damage your glasses and lead to build-up of oil and dirt. Keeping glasses clean not only keeps them looking new, it will help you see more clearly, now let’s learn some correct way with the help of items already in your home for clear vision without ruining them.

The glasses part that are easy to dirty

Lenses 53%

Nose pad 36%

Temples 6%

Frames 4%

Others 1%

The common reason for getting nasty

Greasy on your face 38%

Sweat 24%

Hands dirty 18%

Barber supplier 11%

Skincare product 6%

Others 3%

How to clean your eyeglasses

  1. Placing glasses under warm water, adding a drop of lotion-free dishwashing detergent to the tips of fingers.
  2. Lather on the lens, making sure to get both sides. Rub all parts of the frames for a few seconds.
  3. Set glasses aside while you wash your hands to remove excess soap.
  4. Rinse by holding glasses under warm water, making sure to turn them to get the top of glasses rinsed too. Repeat the rinsing process multiple times if needed to remove visible film.
  5. Shake glasses gently to remove water. Water should roll off the lenses, so there’s no need to overly dry them.
  6. Dry with a soft, clean cotton cloth by passing it over the edges. Use a dish towel that has not been laundered with fabric softener or a dryer sheet.
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